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Westman Atelier The Good Skin Edition


Introducing the Good Skin Edition - Inspired by the golden sun-kissed beauty of summer skin. A streamlined wardrobe of luminous year-round staples for glowing, healthy, radiant-from-within skin that includes Super Loaded Tinted Highlight in Peau de Soleil, Baby Cheeks Blush in Petal, and Lit Up Highlight Stick

-Start with Super Loaded and sweep it over any areas of the face you want to warm up.
-Blend Baby Cheeks blush in Petal onto the cheeks. It's the best subtle pop of colour a smoky rose that gives life to the apples and works as the most amplified natural lip tone.
-Finish with Lit Up Highlight to create a luminous glow and meld the look. I pat it on cheekbones, cupid's bow, tear ducts, and the lips before patting Petal over top.