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Michel Francois, Celadon Moonjar Blue


Part of a series, 'Moon Jars for Studio Pottery London.' 

Michel's own glazes are crafted using Feldspar, Cornish stone and ash from local trees, such as Chestnut, Ash, and Beech.  By starving the kiln of oxygen, he draws minerals and oxides from inside the clay to the surface. There they react with the ash glaze, combining to act as prisms that filter and reflect light.  This process ensures that each piece is unique.

Studio Pottery is a unique cermics studio based in London. Opening in 2019, it combines the intimacy and meditative art of being at one with the wheel, with the elegance of a gallery space. Michel Francois for Studio Pottery London. Michel (French Cornish) uses ancient timeless techniques to create functional vessels.

Technical notes: Materials: Cornish Clay, from St Agnes & Porcelain. Michel’s clear glaze. Size: H: 26 cm, W: 27 cm

  • Michel Francois, Celadon Moonjar Blue
  • Michel Francois, Celadon Moonjar Blue